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To serve and assist customers with their food and drink orders, providing extensive knowledge on our products. Ensue that you are performing a high level of service and following health and safety standards.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Have extensive knowledge of the menu.

  • Take food and drink orders and serve orders.

  • Answer any questions and attend to the customers needs.

  • Offer additional drinks, side or promotions to a customers order if not already ordered.

  • Communicate with team members to minimise any mishaps. 

  • Correctly using the till and ordering systems.

  • Handle payments.

  • Follow set policies and procedures to provide a high level of serve.

  • Report to the shift manager or restaurant manager with any issues, staff or customers.

  • Carry out any requests by supervisors.

  • Ensure the restaurant is kept clean and tidy at all times where possible. 

  • Communicate with the kitchen if orders are wrong or have been changed. 

  • Maintain a positive relationship with team members, the kitchen and management. 

  • Ensure that customers receive efficient and enjoyable service at all times.


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